Welcome to Mazatlan Mexico

mazatlan hotelsMazatlan is a city with a split personality. Despite the importance of its visitor industry, with over 1.5 million tourists coming each year, Mazatlan remains very much its own city. It gracefully balances its roles as Mexico's largest commercial port, while remaining one of Mexico's most popular beach resorts. Located in a picturesque cove on the Pacific Coast, this city lies at about the same latitude as Hawaii, offering pleasant temperatures year round. Mazatlan is also Mexico's second largest coastal city (after Acapulco), home to nearly 500,000 inhabitants. It has the largest port facility between Los Angeles and the Panama Canal, and is home to Latin America's largest fleet of commercial shrimp vessels (over 800 boats). Nearly 40 tons of shrimp are processed each year, making Mazatlan the shrimp capital of the world. For those that love shrimp, Mazatlan is heaven, a place you may never want to leave.

There are many well known Mazatlan Hotels. The most famous are the Hotel Playa Mazatlan and El Cid Mega Resort. These Mazatlan Hotels offer unique experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime.

While not always as glitzy as its cousins to the south, Mazatlan is one of the few resorts in Mexico that offers ultramodern deluxe resorts alongside budget beachfront hotels. Mazatlan indeed offers a Mexico that tourists will treasure and return to experience again and again.