Welcome to Ixtapa

Ixtapa is a modern, world-class resort that was created from the ground-up, beginning in 1968 by Fonatur (National Tourism Development Fund, a federal bureau that is in charge of developing and urbanizing new tourist destinations).

Arial View

Today, it has all-modern constructions, vast and well kept gardens and a large residential area, away from the hotel zone.

The city maintenance is still done by Fonatur (with federal funds). Ixtapa has several colonial and modern style malls interconnected by plazas and gardens, which makes it very difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins.

Beach Area

There, you'll find many restaurants, boutiques, shops, grocery markets, drug stores, etc. On the other side of the street from the malls, are the luxurious beachfront hotels.

Ixtapa has many high-rise hotels of four and five stars; most hotels are of well known international and national chains. The hotel strip is about 2 miles long and the Ixtapa beach is called El Palmar. Here, you can participate on all the water sports, including surfing.

Hotel Zone

At the end of the main road, you'll find La Marina de Ixtapa, with capacity for more than 100 yachts, a golf course, luxury condominiums and charming restaurants overlooking the area.

Nearby are Playa Linda beach and Playa Quieta beach with hotels on their shores. Ixtapa also has some Time-Share properties. Many people fall in love with Ixtapa... you may be the next one!!!