Welcome to Dominican Republic

Baha de las Guilas Pedernales
The Dominican Republic's beaches are known world-wide for pristine white sand.

The Dominican Republic is the second largest country in the Antilles and is situated on the eastern side of an island shared with Haiti. The country is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the north and the spectacular Caribbean Sea on the south. With an annual average temperature of 77 °F (25 °C) and nearly 250 miles of coastline, you'll find yourself in a tropical paradise on the island. The beautiful island nation is home to more than 8.5 million people. Although the official language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish, most tourist destination employees speak English.

Santo Domingo, the cosmopolitan capital of Dominican Republic, is located in the south and features a rich culture and history. Santo Domingo was the first city founded in the Americas and still features structures from the original Colonial City. The city, established more than 500 years ago, features the first street, hospital, university, and cathedral. Local museums offer a window into the culture of the area.

Celebrations and holidays observed in the Dominican Republic include January 26th - the day of the patriarch Juan Pablo Duarte, March 9 - the day of the patriarch Francisco del Rosario Sanchez, August 16 - the Restoration of the Republic, November 6 - Constitution Day, and Carnival. Carnival is a celebration of independence across the entire country throughout the month of February, ending on the 27th. The streets fill with colorful masks, music, and dancing in a combination of three cultures - native Taíno, Spanish, and African.

Independence Square Puerto Plata
Independence Square, Puerto Plata.